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Southern Girl Weddings provides brides with the flowers of their dreams...with a touch of beauty, a hint of whimsy and a whole lot of southern charm.

I choose the best quality silk and real touch flowers available along with realistic berries, sparkling jewels, and ribbons that range from the softest satin to delicate lace and everything in between.

I strive to make each and every bride's wedding special by designing the flowers that they have envisioned. I am prompt to respond to my customers and answer any questions they may have. I am committed to making their flowers perfect. The majority of my customers are online which is unfortunate in the way that I don't get to meet them. I never get to see their faces light up when they see their flowers. All they see when they purchase their flowers is a picture, so it is my goal to have them open the box and say "These look even better than the photo!" I always include a handwritten thank you note with all of my orders because it is more than just providing them with flowers, above all I want my customers to feel special.